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First aid refresher course for babies and children (4 hours)

First aid refresher course for babies and children. Practice all first aid skills you need for first aid for babies and children. Including resuscitation and the use of the AED, focused on babies and children. The certificate pertaining to this course has been approved by the Dutch government for childminders and now also falls under the Childcare Act Regulation (IKK Act).

Course location

Trainingscentrum FMTS
Handelsweg 1A,
3481 MJ Harmelen

Course times

6:30 pm to 10:30 pm


Free parking
Including unlimited use of coffee, tea and mineral water

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Algemene informatie

About the course

Learning objectives and subjects

At the end of the course you can bring a child to safety, assess the child’s condition, CPR, use an AED and provide first aid in the event of unconsciousness, bleeding, burn, circulatory arrest, CO poisoning, severe allergy, head injury, skin injury, fever and convulsions, shortness of breath, injury to bones, muscles and joints, neck and vertebral injury, nose bleed, tooth through the lip, drowning, poisoning, lost / broken tooth, choking, suffocation, finger between the door, foreign object in nose and ear and dirt in the eye.

What do you get after the end of the course

  • Successful: First Aid Certificate for Children (valid for 2 years). This certificate has been approved by the central government for childminders and within the Childcare Act Regulation.


* Each participant must register individually under their own name and own e-mail address, because after each participant will receive a registered proof of participation. Multiple students sign up 1 by 1 via this webshop.

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